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Become An Affiliate

Join our affiliate program that pays you a recurring commission every month

Become A Partner

Earn Monthly Recurring $$$ Simply From Sharing 

We will pay you 50% recurring commission

for EVERY paying customer that YOU refer!


 Want to earn a bit of recurring money each month?

Its easy to earn a recurring income from

Just share your Tweet Eye affiliate link with your friends and followers.

20% of online sellers who are invited to try Tweet Eye, join Tweet Eye as FREE users.

3% of our FREE users go on to become paying customers.


Based on our current conversion rates, if you are an online influencer with 10k online seller followers, simply by promoting to them, you could earn yourself $270+ a month SIMPLY FROM SHARING.


Share our banners on your blogs and web pages.

2nd Tier Referral Commissions


We will pay you 7% recurring commission

for EVERY paying customer that YOUR FRIENDS refer!

* The recurring affiliate commission % is calculated after a $0.50 admin deduction on each paid plan.  Minimum of $25 commission has to be earned in 12 month period. Commission is paid after cleared merchant processing period of not less than 45 days has elapsed from the date a subscriber makes payment. Membership of the affiliate program is at the sole discretion of Picality Ltd.

Anyone With A Paypal Account Can Become An Affiliate

Agree To Our Terms & Conditions

Get Your Affiliate Link & Start Sharing It

You Can Become An Affiliate If You Have A Free Plan

We also pay you when you refer friends to Tweet Eye and they refer paying subscribers to Tweet Eye.

Earn monthly recurring revenue by sharing with friends and contacts who can refer other people.

Introduce an online influencer to, based on our current conversion rates, you could earn as much as $41 a month for every influencer that you introduce.

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