We are a team of micro sellers and professionals that have come together to make a difference. As professionals we dealt on a daily basis with small businesses struggling to survive. All the businesses had the same problem, they needed more sales. We believed that there must be an ethical way of levelling the playing field so that small businesses around the globe have a chance to compete with the big guys.

As social media is so popular we felt that if we could help cash strapped, time poor businesses be seen on social media this would level the playing field. Our inspiration was spot on and now we help thousands of businesses everyday to promote themselves on social media. This is helping our customers to increase their sales. As we all know sales fixes everything!



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Barbara Heneghan

Barbara Heneghan is our newest member of the team. Barbara heads up our sales and customer service section. Barbara has 15 year's experience working in large organisations such as Exxon Mobil and Guinness (Diageo). Prior to joining the team Barbara has run her own micro business for the past 5 years, she has extensive experience in dealing with the public, bringing products/services to market and selling online, her experience has led her to understand the needs of micro businesses.